Monday, 10 April 2017


                          I found out why Duke was reluctant to tackle the new challengers the other day. A Trust member witnessed a battle in the morning when Duke was briefly overcome by the Cob. Penny however chased the Pen challenger, and later that night she and Duke turned the tables and chased them both out of the river.
Today I watched, as the Challengers returned again to be chased out of the river.

Penny has taken on the Alpha role and led the attack on the challengers while Duke held back. 

Penny was not content to let them stay at the entrance to the river mouth, and took off to attack and chase them into the sea. This was always what she and Popeye did, and she is trying to teach Duke to do likewise. So far they are hanging on to the territory, and Penny is doing most by forming the nest, laying the eggs and chasing the intruders.

Duke is going to have to improve his performance once all the eggs are laid and Penny starts the incubation, he will have to meet the challengers himself and chase them out. 

They were mating again today and Duke draws strength from Penny, she is a remarkable Swan and deserves the premier nesting spot !  


Stephen smerdon said...

Hi Joe I was watching TV this morning it was Ben Fogle visiting an American who lives on a remote Scottish Islands and has a company called "the nice hat company" mist of his homemade hats are wildlife inspired. One in particular you will see is of a duck and immediately thought of you
Here is the link to the chaps website
A Really unique product

jayteescot1 said...

I think I would need to change my nationality to wear one of those hats, I draw enough attention as it is ! Nice for the tourists though.