Monday, 17 July 2017

Fly Catching Ducklings

This evening I spotted a new brood of 11 ducklings. The wind had dropped and the heat was lovely, a real summers evening. 
Just the conditions that are ideal for newly hatched ducklings, plenty of insects within reach from over hanging vegetation.

  The ducklings were having a great time jumping up for the midges and other small flies, a joy to watch.

This new brood could be ideal for the re- introduction of the weak duckling I took home a couple of days ago. 

                                        I have been feeding it up, and with the warmer conditions it is now a lot stronger and more active. 
I have not seen the mother with 6 siblings, unless she has stolen or integrated another brood and this 11 are it. Given the chance tomorrow, I will put this little one back while conditions are right.

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