Friday, 14 July 2017

Lucky Escape

Yesterday one of our largest ducklings was attacked and badly injured. 

After taking some photos and seeing them on the computer it was obvious that the duckling needed some urgent attention. 

This morning I managed to catch it and give it the medication needed. 

Painkiller, antibiotics, and anti bacterial cream.
It is now resting beside the duckling with the broken leg. 

All being well I may be able to return it to the mother and one sibling in a few days. It's had a lucky escape.  

Was sent a photo of possible culprit for the attack. 

This photo was taken by one of our trust members this morning - a day after the attack. It clearly shows a black back gull grabbing a duck by the neck, pretty well same area as the duckling above.
The duck was seen to escape, at least temporarily. 
Again a timely reminder for people to avoid feeding gulls -  the results can be deadly for the ducks !

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