Sunday, 16 July 2017

Weak Duckling Rescue

Yesterday I was contacted by Shona who lives in the same street, she said there was a duck with 8 ducklings in the high street. When we got there, the Mother duck was frantic as she was surrounded by onlookers and the ducklings were behind large Iron gates. After asking the people to move away and allow the duckling to rejoin the mother they got together and we escorted them down to the riverside.
Today I saw the mother with only 6 ducklings but shortly after, another weak duckling turned up making a total of seven. 

This little one was struggling and unable to keep up with the mother and siblings, eventually being blown down river by the strong wind and the mother and siblings carried on up river. The Gulls and crows were waiting, so had no choice but to bring it home and put it in the incubator to warm up. I will keep it a day or two until it starts to eat and gets stronger , then I can return it to the family.

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