Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Nice weather for ducks....I think not ! The Scottish Summer lives up to it's reputation with a deluge, after torrential showers earlier. I released the duckling I treated for 2 weeks yesterday, I was hoping for some reasonable weather allowing it time to find it's mother. The Mother and other sibling seem to have disappeared for the moment and the duckling is now on it's own.

It was soaked this morning and even the well oiled ducks were hiding, as the area took a rainstorm battering.

                              I saw a greylag goose on the island the other day and saw yesterday that it appears to have a broken leg.

Donning the waterproof gear I took the net and bag to see if I could catch the goose and get it some medical attention. Conditions were miserable with heavy rain and the goose was sitting beside the Swans island. Needless to say, it managed to fly out of reach and I had to give up after it flew into the river. 

Even the released duckling was able to out run me and hide in the bushes. I fear it may not survive without the guidance and protection of it's mother. Another couple of weeks growing might give it a better chance.

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