Thursday, 24 August 2017

Friends For Life

Limpy the duckling with the broken leg finally got out of the Aviary to try the pool for the first time. It was joined by Disco the duck with the broken wing, who's offspring were released back to the river on Monday.

                           I put Disco in with Limpy last night just to see how they would get on. Limpy has been desperate to be with her but I couldn't allow it when Disco's offspring were still here, they would have attacked Limpy because of it's disability. 

Last night Disco dominated Limpy to show she was the Mum and the boss. This morning I let them both into the garden, and Limpy followed her new Mum slavishly around the garden.

Later they both had a dip and it was lovely to see them happy together. I am hoping Limpy is a Male and could be Disco's partner for life.

This would be a match made in heaven, one with a broken wing and the other with a fixed broken leg. Limpy has a deformed foot and both could never survive in the wild.    

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