Friday, 8 September 2017

Duck Leg Healed

Today was the planned visit to Moray Coast Vets to have the duck splints removed. Vet Julie who put on the splints 2 weeks ago was pleasantly surprised to see the duck walking, and removed the splints, it has been a success after only 2 weeks.  Well done Julie. 

Having filled the bath at home, I was looking forward to letting the duck have a good dip after 2 weeks without. 

She was ecstatic to get into the water, and spent an hour splashing, preening and scratching, it was a joy to watch. She scratched her face several times using her newly healed leg, it appears to be functioning  perfectly. The plan now is to keep her some time in the Aviary, to ensure fully healed and no big obvious limp that might make her a target on the river. Once that is settled I will return her to the river.
Short movie clip below showing her in the bath scratching her face with the newly healed leg .

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