Thursday, 23 February 2012

High Tide High Hopes

With the Springlike temperatures and March rapidly approaching, Penny is getting moody and broody. She is searching out Algae and roots of which there is precious few. She calls her mate when he disappears on patrol down river, and likes him to be close by at this pivotal time of year. All the signs are that they will start nesting within weeks - barring a return to severe winter weather. Yesterday she kept calling her mate but he was nowhere to be seen, so I followed her as she set off downstream looking for him. She finally saw him guarding near the river entrance and called him. Although some 100 metres away he responded to her call and immediately took off to join her quickly. Mute Swans are audible when they want to be. Penny takes to the island more often now watched over by her mate, and I expect them to start nest building sometime soon.

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