Tuesday, 28 January 2020

This Time Last Year

Hard to believe it's been a year since Penny and Duke's offspring were just about to be expelled from the river.

                           I think everybody has missed having cygnets around this last season. 

Was last Chinese new year when Penny and duke decided spring was around the corner, and on the 5th February they started to chase them out to sea.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Mallard Duck Variations

At first glance most Mallard ducks look the same. However, there can be quite a variation if time is taken to observe them. 

The feather pattern can be quite different, as well as colour, and bill too. 

My daily contact with them, allows me to determine those that come to me during nesting time for a quick feed.

 Currently they are in fine fettle, and building up reserves for the coming season.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Today it is official, the last decade has been the warmest on record. 

Having given some thought to how we could halt climate change, I have come to the conclusion that only a global Declaration of War on climate change would succeed. My Answer Below.

The Challenge to combat climate change and global warming, with all the catastrophic effects this will have on the whole planet, can only be successfully achieved by a global response. A time limit of 10 years to prevent irreversible damage can only be done by a human species united DECLARATION of WAR on climate change.

To this end all international organisations MUST come together with a Ten Year plan to win this war. Current conventions like the Paris climate accord and COP26 Plus the United nations should meet and form a new global alliance with all countries on Earth. To declare War and create a binding strategy to this end. All countries to be equally represented and make a solemn and binding commitment to pool 50% of their annual military and space budgets to fighting climate change and saving the Planet.

This may seem an impossible ask, but while we concentrate on fighting climate change, we are in fact less likely to be fighting each other.

There is a simple logic to this, and plenty of historical precedents such as the second world war. This war should be a lot less bloody, but in many ways much more important to win.

The United Nations should be the body to pool the resources and organise the expertise, scientific and otherwise, to develop a global strategy to repair the Planet.

We already know the causes of global warming and what has to be done to reverse this, the problem always seems to be MONEY and who loses out by taking action. Hence the reason for the 50% pooled global budget.

Countries like China, Australia, Poland and the USA, are always opposed to anything that stops them mining and using Coal for power and economic wealth. These countries can be compensated from the pooled budget, as they phase out and stop using fossil fuels completely within 10 years. In addition, a country like Australia could be compensated by subsidising renewable energy sources like solar power making use of their abundance of natural sunlight. Likewise all countries should be looked at for their natural resources and what is best suited to their needs. Brazil knows the value of their rainforests to the Planet, and also the value of their timber and farming. Again they have to be encouraged to look on their Trees as carbon capture devices and paid accordingly for keeping them.

This template can be used on a global scale, and planting trees should be encouraged and paid for from the pooled resources.

The wasteful use of the planets resources and commercialisation has to be changed, and education is the key for everyone. Women have to look at themselves differently and the wasteful fashion industry has to stop. Phasing out of all fossil fuels has to be accelerated, and electrification and renewables used wherever possible. The exploitation of hydrogen as an addition to Natural gas could reduce carbon emissions by millions of tons.

World leading experts on climate change have to be employed by the UN to oversee new departments of climate change. For example a department on re-wilding and reforestation should look at the planets forests that have been lost over the last century, and should be reinstated as part of the carbon capture program, and soil erosion prevention.

Another department on fossil fuel and Petro chemical use could be set up to see where this can be minimised, stopped and converted, wherever possible.

Human consumerism habits and over consumption would also have to be tackled, preventing the over production of palm oil plantations, as well as the farming of beef by destroying woodland and rainforests.

We know what the world was like 50 and 100 years ago and what we as a species have done to cause Climate change. We have the global knowledge and access to all human history and knowledge to correct our mistakes. As the apparent Apex species It is criminal not to act in the best interests of all species, and reverse what damage we have done as swiftly as possible.

By reducing the extreme effects of climate change, rising sea levels, extreme floods, damage due to storms, heatwaves and fire. The savings made would ultimately pay for the war on climate change anyway.

The global population of over 7.4 billion humans, would not be adversely affected by a 50% reduction in military and space budgets over the next decade, so there is no reason for political leaders not to agree to such a plan. Repairing this Planet first is more important than visiting others!

My Father was a coal miner 80 years ago, and he was asked to dig coal for the War effort, to win the war. We did not know the damage that was being done to the Planet by the  use of coal, now we do. That war was won, this war can also be won, we have the knowledge and the skills. The time for talk is over, a declaration of War, commitment and action is now required!

Todays politicians can either leave a legacy as the leaders of the roaring twenties that halted climate change…or the doomed dictatorial deniers, responsible for irreversible catastrophic climate change.

A Ten year legally binding global declaration of War on climate change should be implemented without delay.    

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Narrow Escape

Awoke to another life and death struggle in the garden this morning. Pigeon had been attacked by a Sparrowhawk and incredibly managed to wedge itself partly under a water bowl. 

Only the wings and tail were visible and the Hawk was unable to get at it's neck or back for the kill. When I opened the door the Hawk flew off and the pigeon was saved. It has lost all it's tail feathers and some from the back of the neck , but otherwise unharmed. I will keep it until tail feathers regrow before releasing it. A very narrow gap, provided a narrow escape !

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Shiny New Penny

Cold clear weather on the right side of the new year, with days lengthening at last.

Penny was radiant and in alert mode, as this is the time for possible intruders into her domain.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Trust Accounts for 2019

This is the seventh year since the Trust was founded for the benefit of the River Nairn waterbirds.

They have never been so numerous and in such good health, thanks to the Trust and it's members.

The annual accounts for 2019 are as follows. 
Total Outgoings were £3564 -72 Total Income £2706, Giving a deficit of £858 -72 for the year. Once again we have a deficit, and in order that we have no debt I will personally fund this shortfall. 

Sadly we lost several good members this year, due to bereavements and some moving away from the locality. 
Although we had no cygnets this year, the Trust commitment to the welfare of the birds and their environment is Total. Membership is the primary contributor to the Trust, and new members are welcome. 

The Trust is a non profit organisation, and every penny raised goes exclusively to the care and welfare of the birds.