Friday, 29 October 2021

More Blah Blah or Ta -Ta Climate Change ?

 Will Scotland go down in History as the place where World leaders finally took action to save the Planet ? 

Or, will it be a case of, were Doomed- were all Doomed.. 😊 as our well known Scots actor in Dad's Army once said . 
The existential threat to much life on the Planet is no joke however. Latest predictions as high as 3c temp rise by 2050 now expected on the current trajectory. With some of the biggest carbon polluters not even attending this conference, it is doubtful that definitive climate action will start. As an old timer who previously tried to ban the bomb 60 years ago, it is likely that the same will happen trying to get a final solution to climate change. The existential nuclear threat still exists...and climate change we can probably add to the list... and all in one lifetime...Wow, aren't we the most intelligent special species! ..were all Doomed 😟. Thanks for the use of the John Laurie photos.

 Whatever we do to it, the Planet will survive - even if we don't. 

My message to the COP 26 delegates - DECLARE WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE!

Video reason below.

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

New Additions

Often some surprises along the riverside. This morning I thought Slim was in the process of expelling one of the cygnets, as he chased and jabbed at one of them. I thought briefly it was Runty, until I realised Runty was feeding close to my feet. A quick count revealed we had 8 cygnets !  

Seems that a lost cygnet had  latched onto Slim and Sue's family, probably been made to leave home by it's parents, as this is the time for cygnets breaking the family bonds.

                     If you count the cygnets in the photo you will see 8 instead of 7. 

Another newcomer hopped along the river path in my direction. 

These bunnies are usually on the opposite side of the river.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Mature Cygnets

Slim and Sue...with a little help from the Trust, have managed to raise the cygnets to maturity. 

All are now flying competently and can be seen flying regularly. Today I saw them come in against a blustery wind, landing safely in the river. 

Remains to be seen how long Slim and Sue will keep them at home, before making them leave on life's journey. 

The Trust will continue to feed them twice a day, keeping them healthy and ready to go, whenever that is. 

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Cross Breed Newcomers

Just arrived on the river this morning, 5 newcomers. Don't know if they were put in the river, or made their way from a farm perhaps . 

They appear to be cross bred Mallards with a domestic duck variety. 

Larger than wild mallards, there are 3 females and 2 drakes. 

They turned up as I was feeding the resident flock. This evening they joined in the feeding session. 

The two dark ones are female as you can hear in the short video below. They are obviously used to humans and other ducks, and quite feisty too. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Ebony Is a Boy !

Saffron and Ebony are 8 weeks old today !  I can say with certainty that Ebony is in fact a Drake, his Sister Saffron is female. 

Disco has been actively opposing Saffron as she has been with me for 5 years and considers the place hers! I will keep both newcomers for a season to give them the best chance of survival. 

Short video of the ducks enjoying life at the Trust HQ below. 

Meanwhile more good news on the swans, thankfully Runty has started to fly with the family!

Friday, 8 October 2021


 Followers of this blog will know I have long advocated action on Climate change. Scotland is about to host the COP26 conference, our chance to make it plain - ACTION NEEDED NOW ! asked me to provide a Short video comment direct to those who will make the decisions. The comment has to be limited to one or two sentences, asking "why do you want action on the climate ? " 

A collection of peoples videos will be put together and shown to delegates in Glasgow and will be distributed on social media as well. Trust members and viewers might like to send in your own videos.

                           I could say so much on reasons why I want the world to save itself. I'm pretty sure it's all been said before by more learned and eminent people than I. It's really a no brainer, but I sent in my short video below.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

The 3 R's Robin, Redshanks, and Razorbill

 The Lower riverside has other birdlife around besides Swans and Ducks. 

This past week provided some nice natural scenes. The friendly Robin with red waistcoat, flock of Redshanks at the swans moat. 

The most unusual scene I spotted just beside the east side of the pier.

 A lone razorbill corralling a shoal of small fish, and having a feast ! Short video below.