Friday, 7 November 2014


     I am currently suffering from the flu, so there won't be too many posts during this time. I have only missed feeding the river birds about 5 times during the last 10 years and currently other members of the Trust will take over until I get better.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Weather Takes it's Toll

Miserable weather since we released the ducklings last Thursday has finally cost the lives of 3 of the last eight that were released. The River has been continuously high and the ducklings did not get a chance to familiarise themselves with the currents, which are now fast flowing ever since the last flood changed the riverbed.

   I am particularly vexed about the loss of the light coloured and weakest female that I helped hatch, she needed another few days to be able to fly out of danger. 

The only bright spot today was the fact that the injured Rock dove that was caught by a cat, has made a full recovery and is flying around the house, it will be released tomorrow.