Wednesday, 27 November 2019

White Pigeon Recovers

UPDATE: Released the Pigeon this morning, it was keen to join the others, and frosty spell now over.

Two weeks after escaping death from a Sparrowhawk attack, the White pigeon is well on the way to full recovery. I have been treating the neck injury with anti bacterial cream, and gave it a bath to remove the dried blood and damaged feathers.

Has been happy sitting in a box in the kitchen with plenty of food and water, but today decided it was time to fly, finding it  on top of an open door.

Was unable to fly two weeks ago, so I'm delighted it's now well enough to do so.

Will transfer it to the Aviary soon, then release back to the flock when fully fit.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Moat Restoration

With the help and  contribution of Trust members over the last week, the Swans Island Moat has been restored. 

Picking stones is not exactly easy work for someone my age, so I was glad of the help. Short video showing happy birds below.

Hopefully it will remain a nice Nursery area for future Cygnets and ducklings !

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Moat Remedial Work

Calm conditions and low water allowed the Trust to carry out some remedial work on the Swans Island Moat. 

Freezing temperatures over the last few days meant that some hardy Trust members wrapped up well and got on with the manual work, reinstating several tons of stones. 

Tattie Picking with Stones ! Penny and Duke could not resist coming over to test the water, which rose several inches to their satisfaction. Parties with a vested interest were informed.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Lucky Escape on the 13th

Yet again the Town Sparrowhawks are busy taking pigeons. 

Today I spotted one of the rare white pigeons wandering around my garden in a dazed condition, it was unable to take off and had blood showing on it's feathers.

After close inspection it was obviously hit by a Sparrowhawk, the back of the head and neck were devoid of feathers and looked pretty raw. How it managed to escape is a mystery. Gave it an anti inflammatory, currently being kept warm with food and water.  

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Early Winter ?

After a poor Summer all the signs look like an early winter as well.

This part of the world usually doesn't see much snow until after Christmas. 

Climate change has put paid to all the norms, now we can expect anything at any time !

Thankfully some things don't change, like the sound and beauty of a Robin, or the sight of snowy white Swans on a snowy day !  

Been a while since we had a hard a feeling we wont have to wait much longer !

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Tree Moat Damage

Recent river spates brought fallen trees downstream, causing damage to the Swans Island Moat.

Some of these trees are hefty, and pack a punch when hitting anything head on.

The Trust will have to repair the damage when conditions allow, before the spring.
Meanwhile Penny and Duke are short of depth in the moat.