Friday, 28 February 2020

Pigeon Swims to Safety

UPDATE: Sadly Pigeon died this afternoon.
Returning home yesterday I was greeted by a life and death struggle between a Pigeon and a Sparrowhawk in my garden. 

The Hawk tried to fly off with the struggling pigeon and both fell into the garden pond. 

The pond had a thin layer of ice unable to support the weight of the birds and the pigeon fell through into the freezing water as the Sparrowhawk took off ! The poor pigeon was torn and bleeding and desperately flapping/swimming to the edge of the pond, where I managed to pick it up.  Was amazed at the breast stroke action of the wings taking it through the ice.   

Drying it off and wrapped in a warm towel I checked the injuries, It seemed I arrived just in time to avoid the worst, it had been stripped of many feathers prior to being eaten, and the only torn skin was just inside the wing chest area.

Have given it anti inflammatory and anti bacterial cream on the torn skin, it's now recovering in warm box in the kitchen. What a swim to safety !
Incredibly this is the second time I have seen a Sparrowhawk fall into the water with a pigeon, once before on the riverside.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Tree Removal

Twice in the past week, the Trust has contacted Scottish Water to report the Trees hung up on the Merryton Bridge. We keep a close watch on the tidal reaches of the river, and do our best to protect the wildlife and environment. 

The trees were more of a threat to the bridge if allowed to pile up with every spate. The bridge is the responsibility of Scottish water, and I'm happy to say they acted promptly to dispose of the trees.

                    I disposed of one stuck on the Swans Island - watched closely by Penny and Duke !

Saturday, 22 February 2020

More Wind, More Trees !

                       Incessant Winds and rain showers, are keeping the River high, with more blown trees getting hung up on the Merryton Bridge.  

Hopefully the spring tides over the coming week will shift them.

Penny and Duke are keeping their heads down in the lee of the Swans island. Roll on Spring !

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Storm Dennis

We seemed to have escaped the worst of Storm Dennis, but the high winds left their mark. 

Today the water has receded and left a large tree stuck under the Merryton bridge. Must be 40 feet at least, and unlikely to move in it's current position. 

This will have scoured and changed the river bed on the way down, and will probably need cut with a chain saw and removed.

Meanwhile Penny and Duke are seeking out quiet eddies, but looking good . 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Signs of Things to Come ?

Storm Ciara sweeps across the country, but so far we have missed the worst of it.

However, more winter gales are forecast for the coming days.

High Tides this week are boosted by deep low pressure pushing the sea ever higher. The river is on flood alert, and already topped near the harbour. 

Spring Tides during the winter months, occasionally put the river over the edge. With Climate change and melting polar regions, could this become the norm for Nairn ?