Monday, 27 February 2012

Two's Company - Pigeon Rescue

If any proof were needed regarding a mild winter and early spring, then today I got it. The local police patrol informed me of a young pigeon which was at the base of Barron house and liable to be run over. I was obliged to pick the bird up and take it home to check it over. It seemed uninjured but very dirty with claws and feathers encrusted in rock hard bird poop! I had barely finished giving it a bath and clean up, when the police called and told me they recieved a call from Salon 80 ladies hair stylist. They too had a pigeon which had been run over just in front of their premises and could I check it out ? Well done to the staff for taking it in. This building adjoins Barron house and has pigeon ledges galore. Perhaps a Sparrowhawk was responsible for these two young pigeons ending up on the street, after a raid on the ledges ? The other pigeon was also quite dirty but not as bad as the first. (Short vid below Preening and drying in front of radiator). I will keep both until they are able to fly and fend for themselves. I don't wish to be inundated with sick and injured birds, so everyone's first port of call should be the SSPCA, they can be called locally on 01463 231191, keep the number handy for future reference !


grovecanada said...

Pigeon 1: "I want to stay here forever"
Pigeon 2: "me too"
Pigeon 1: "I love this man"
Pigeon 2: "me too"
Pigeon 1:"where are we"
Pigeon 2:"I think in someone's house"
Pigeon 1: "it's nice here"
Pigeon 2: "yes I don't think he is going to eat us or anything..."
(Dialogue going on during video capture)...

jayteescot1 said...

Sari...he he should be a script writer for childrens books and plays !!