Friday, 9 August 2013

Cygnets and Rescued Ducks Progress

The cygnets are now into the final stage of development with the growth of their wings, the final step before flight. They have been strengthening their legs by zooming along like paddle steamers !

The new flight feathers are sprouting out and can be clearly seen in the sequence of shots, 

there is also a short video clip below.
I was also delighted to see one of the rescued ducks from the Halloween brood last year, arrive with 4 ducklings earlier this week.

She has lost 2 but hopefully will hang onto the remaining two. 

She is inexperienced like her sisters Sari and Jo, one of whom lost her brood, but new mothers often lose their first brood.
It's satisfying to see a rescued duckling going on to lead a normal life on the river !

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