Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pigeon Virus

Yet again I have been unable to save another beautiful Pigeon from the Paramyxovirus which is affecting the feral pigeons of the town. 

This was pigeon number 4 that has succumbed to this nasty killer. The Neurological effects mean that the Pigeons lose coordination and are unable to pick up food by missing it with their beaks.
Other symptoms include, increased water intake combined with reduced feed consumption, emaciation,
paralysis of the legs, timidity, torsion of the neck, twisting movements of the body, overturning and walking backwards.  It's a truly horrible virus and most pigeons die. 

One survivor who is currently only managing to eat because I have placed a tub at my door where it is able to pick up seeds, even though missing what it's aiming for !  It remains to be seen if it can last a month where it might develop a resistance to the virus.

Meanwhile some of the affected flock are ganging up at my door !

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