Sunday, 11 January 2015

Trust News and Appeal

The past year has been another successful year for the river Nairn birds with a full compliment of 8 new cygnets, all of which have survived.

 In addition to our beautiful swans, the Mallard ducks have also increased, helped by the Trust caring for 4 broods during the course of the year.

Many of these would otherwise have been taken by predators before they had a chance to survive.

We have also lost many ducks during the course of the year, the beautiful white duck and her mother, many others also fell to predators. However a total of 55 birds were rescued during the year, three quarters of which survived.

Duck numbers have increased, and this has meant a corresponding increase in expenditure for the Trust. Having just completed preliminary Trust accounts for 2014, it shows a deficit of £1038-64 which so far has come out of my own pocket !
As a pensioner this amount is increasingly hard to sustain.

Trust expenditure for the year was £2555-08 and the total income was £1516-44. This is in spite of the fact that trust membership has grown to 140 as of today. Many of these members have family membership, so the income does not equate to £15 per member. The trust needs more members to maintain the vibrant and healthy river bird population that we all enjoy. 

As you all know the summer floods blocked the moat with gravel and this will soon be cleared, the cost of which will have to be met by the trust. The trust receives no money at all from local councils or the public purse, and is a voluntary organisation. I know from the comments of people around the Town, how much they appreciate the water birds and the care that goes into looking after them.

   I appeal to all viewers if they could go the extra mile and make a donation, or become a member of the trust..

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