Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Something To Crow About

Trust member Elaine MacPhail came across a young Jackdaw being attacked by Crows yesterday outside Millbank Primary School. 

It was injured, unable to fly and looked in dire straights, so Elaine decided to take it home and contact me. On close examination it had been bitten at the mouth and under the eye, this was consistent with Crow attacks, usually going for the head and tender areas like the eyes. Being part of the Crow family did not save this young Jackdaw from attack.
Fortunately there were no broken bones , so all that was required was a dose of antibiotics and some pain killer. The bird was in shock so I kept it in a warm dark environment overnight.

 Today after a tube feed every 5 hours it has really picked up and is now able to drink and calling it's parents ! It will probably take a few days to a week before this bird can fly so I will care for it until then. 


Elaine said...

It's maybe not as beautiful as a swan (though it does have lovely blue eyes)... but I just couldn't watch it being torn apart! Thanks for caring for it, and fingers crossed it will be up and off on it's own accord very soon!

jayteescot1 said...

Jackdaws are characters for sure, but I have seen them in a group trying to take newly hatched ducklings from a duck....I'm glad they're not the size of Hoodies !
I'm pretty sure this one will survive to be released fairly soon.
This is the second bird you've rescued, the previous rescued pigeon also survived a few years back.