Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Off Topic

UPDATE: Sadly the Rabbit died at 2.30 am.
Two local girls Lucy and Ruth, have brought me an injured baby Rabbit asking for the Scottish SPCA phone number. Being late and the Rabbit in such a poorly condition, I suggested that I give it some immediate treatment and will either get it to a vet or the SPCA tomorrow. It has an open wound on the back leg with a cluster of maggot eggs throughout the leg fur. I phoned Sue our Trust Avian adviser who also treats small animals, and coincidentally has 3 baby rabbits in care right now. She advised a course of antibiotics, and rehydration with water and honey, then cleaning the wound with TCP and removing the maggot eggs with an old toothbrush. Having done all that, I can only hope it survives until tomorrow.   The Scottish SPCA number for anyone needing it, is 03000 999 999

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