Thursday, 19 November 2015

Popeye Progress UPDATE

Have just been given an update on Popeye from Scottish SPCA at Fishcross wildlife centre. He has been given an X-ray, since his blood test results were inconclusive. Nothing untoward has been spotted and he continues to show improvement by eating more, he was weighed at just over 11 kilos. He has another 4 days medication to take, then he will be moved into a bigger pond with other swans. They intend to keep him for another Vet check next Tuesday, then a further few days to make sure he is OK after coming off the medication. The Liver medication appears to be flushing out whatever has sickened him.

The earliest we can have him back is likely to be the end of next week or beginning of the following week .
They want to make sure he wont go downhill after sending him back. I Just hope Penny has not given up on him by then !!

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