Sunday, 8 November 2015

When a Hiss is as Good as a Kiss

POPEYE LATEST: I have been informed that Popeye is now eating on his own and allowed to enter and leave  a pool as he pleases. He has a problem with one leg and this will be looked at by a bird Vet  on Thursday. This was supposed to happen today but some sort of delay has occurred, no more news until after Thursday.

Popeye has now been transferred to the Fishcross Scottish SPCA Wildlife rehab centre. He is likely to be there for one to two weeks depending on his progress. I am told he was head up and hissing at the Vet staff today, this is a good sign since he was so poorly yesterday. He is still weak and wobbly, but I'm more hopeful he will make a full recovery.  I have made the SSPCA aware of his family status, his food and dietary requirements, and the need to get him back to his family as soon as possible. They will keep me informed of his progress.

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