Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Duck Rescue

With the tide receding I went down to the riverside again to see if I could spot and catch the injured duck. Good fortune and some feed grain gathered some ducks into the area. After 20 minutes the injured duck appeared out of the thorny bushes, and was immediately pounced on by testosterone filled drakes!  I assembled the net, waded out and around and managed to catch her. I took her to the Vets right away to check out the damage. She has a bruised right wing joint, but no apparent broken bones, her back end is raw with a deep injury just up from the tail end.

The vet cleaned it out with a saline solution but could not stitch it because of the size of the open wound. She was given antibiotics, pain killer and cream was applied to the bare skin area. I have put her into the brooder box and will administer her medication for the next week. I hope she survives, but will take some time to recover. It remains to be seen whether she will ever be able to fly again, time will tell.

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