Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nurturing Nairnshire

Having applied for £ 800 funds from Nurturing Nairnshire on behalf of the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust, I was informed today that the application is eligible for the next stage. The details are set out below.

Nurturing Nairnshire Community Grant Fund

Dear Applicant,

Many thanks for your application to the Nurturing Nairnshire Grant Fund. I can now confirm the application is eligible to be taken forward to the next stage. Please confirm you have read and understood the contents of this email.

The second stage of the process will involve presenting your project at the Nurturing Nairnshire Community  Event. The event takes place in Nairn Community and Arts Centre on Saturday 12th March from 10am.It is likely the event will run until 2pm.

Outline Agenda
09:30 – 10:00am - Registration
10:00 – 13:00pm - Community group presentations
13:00 – 13:30pm - Voting and light refreshments
13:30 – 14:00pm – Grant presentations  

Rules of event
Each applicant will be allocated a 4 minute slot to put their case for funding this will consist of a 2 minute presentation, followed by a 2 minute Question and Answer session. The event will be overseen by the local ward manager who will ensure times are strictly adhered to. There will be no facilities for digital presentations. Organisations will be allocated a presentation slot at random. A detailed agenda will be distributed shortly before the event.

Any individual who wishes to vote must register between 9:30 and 10am and stay for the whole event. To be eligible to vote you must live in the Nairnshire area and be over 14 years old.

The ballot box will remain sealed until all the applicants have made their presentations. On completion of the final presentation voting papers will be available for all those attending including any members of the public and applicants . Each person will be required to vote for 5 applications by placing a single X against each choice, any voting papers with less or more than 5 choices will be deemed as invalid and rejected during the count.

The count will be undertaken under the supervision of the local ward manager and details of the result will be announced at the end of the event. Funds will be allocated using the number of votes cast for each applicant.

Each winning group will be invited to have their photo taken and will be asked to stay for a group photo.

Funding will be subject to Highland Council policy and will be outlined in the offer of award issued after the event.

Applicants may invite supporters to the event, all will be admitted subject to the fire capacity of the venue.

Kind regards

Daniel Greig

Policy Coordinator
Highland Council

Tel: (01463) 702867

The Trust applied for £800 to Enhance the lower riverside. £500 of this will go to purchase and plant approx 120 bushes shrubs and trees along the riverside from the road bridge to the Maggot. The trees will be Rowan and Bird cherry to provide colour and feeding for the birds. The shrubs and bushes will provide colour, shelter and fragrance and enhance the whole riverside for all. The other £300 will be used for the bird rescue service that the trust provide at 10 Douglas street. The Trust has rescued around 130 birds over the last 3 years, most of these were ducklings that need care for 2 months before release back into the river. Caring for Ducklings requires specialised feeding bedding and facilities, and the Trust has spent over £8000 in the past 3 years caring for the river birds.
I would like to ask all our supporters for their vote and to register at the Nairn community centre  on march the 12th.   


George Berryman said...

Yes a good idea Joe, If this happens I would like to see the new Trees and Shrubs managed well, will this affect some of our lovely existing wild flowers, Himalayan Balsam and Sweet Cicely ?
G Berryman

jayteescot1 said...

Well George, these proposed trees and bushes will only be small saplings, cell grown. So they will take a long time to come to fruition. The bushes and shrubs will be a lot quicker, gorse, broom, Scots roses, and honeysuckle for fragrance. They should not effect the existing wild flowers at all. I probably wont be around to see the trees mature, so it will be up to others to make sure they are taken care of !