Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Wildlife Petition Submitted

The petition of 1250 signatures and associated letter was officially handed over to Nairn Town hall on Friday. 

The intended recipient Laurie Fraser the regional councillor, was advised by officials that it could be construed that he would have been seen to be pre judging the deliberations of the council by accepting the petition. It's a sad day that you cant hand over a petition to your Town Provost who also happens to be one of your councillors as well. I will accept this explanation for the moment, and await the council meeting on the matter in due course. Having lost documents in the past that I handed in to Nairn service point, I was assured that the petition would be locked in the title safe for safe keeping, I also got a receipt and I photo copied the entire 1250 signatures as well. I greatly value every single signature that was given,  I hope Highland council will do likewise !

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