Saturday, 11 March 2017


After 2 days of trying I finally managed to catch Duke this afternoon.
He was still not eating and getting more lethargic and weak. I was fortunate that a good Samaritan happened along at the right time and offered to help. 

Duke had gone up to the island strip near the road bridge after an earlier failed attempt by me to capture him. This time I took a different approach and outwitted him, trapped against the embankment just long enough to catch him. I was surprised at how heavy he was, at least 25 pounds maybe even 30, he looks good but was weak, which after 4 days without food is not surprising.

The good Samaritan called Rosie, happened to be an ex police woman and had no qualms about taking off her shoes and wading across the river with the Swan bag, my thanks to her for a good job well done.

Was also fortunate when I called the SPCA with news of the capture, Inspector Anne was within 10 minutes of Nairn, so a quick pick up and Duke off to Inverness for attention.

Fingers crossed it is a fixable illness and we get Duke back soon. 

Just received a call from SPCA saying that the Vet is fully occupied with a long operation, however they have given Duke some hydration mixture and they will have another look at him later this evening. If he makes it through the night they will give him further treatment. 

Penny will be frantically looking for him tomorrow, she has been a wonderful partner checking on him several times a day, for she knows he is unwell. She has had a really hard time with the loss of Popeye and now Duke for the second time in 6 weeks.


rosey said...

I was very happy to be able to help you to catch Duke , Joe - wishing Duke (and Pene) all the best . Fingers crossed x

jayteescot1 said...

Rosey, Duke has made it through the night and I hope to get more news on his condition later. Penny was calling him at midnight last night, when I checked how she was doing. She seems to have settled a bit today.