Monday, 27 March 2017


After nearly 3 weeks away, Duke was delivered back to Nairn today by Animal  rescue officer Jamie Cherry of the Scottish SPCA.

Jamie handed me Duke and I carried him over the shingle to Penny who was listening to Duke hollering and desperate to get released.

The sun was blazing down and a perfect day for his return. 

When he hit the water she was quick to acknowledge his return and raised her head several times in welcome, he quickly drank from the river after the long journey from Fishcross. 

After a brief  get together and shake out.

Duke suddenly took off down the river and flew about 100 yards, obviously feeling the need to stretch his wings, he then took off again and flew down to the end of the pier.

Penny took the slow route and swam down to meet him for a proper welcome and bonding session. 

This was the moment I was waiting for, and with that... the sea Haar drifted in and enveloped the whole coast line.

However I took a load of photo's and some movie clips. it was a joy to watch ... I have missed out the final mating act to avoid upsetting those with sensitive children. It does look like Duke is up to the job, and Penny can now get on with the nesting season.  Enjoy the sequence of shots and clip below !!

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