Friday, 3 March 2017

Neuro Has Died

My beautiful pet Neuro the duck has died, she was neurologically damaged and underdeveloped. For the past couple of weeks she has been off her food and passing some blood. The vet gave her some worming meds since this might have been the cause, but she was still not eating. I thought she had improved since the other day after I flushed her through with olive oil.

She started to eat after I gave her a warm bath in the sink, but later on she started to regurgitate the food. I put on a post last night thinking she was on the mend but removed it this morning when I found her dead, aspiration pneumonia the probable cause. I was keen to find out what was causing her inability to eat and suspected a blockage of some sort. Bracing myself I opened her up to check the vital organs, the gizzard was tiny underdeveloped, had a small amount of sand and no stones to grind the food. This seemed to be the cause of her underdevelopment and inability to process the food which backed up and decayed. I learned something, but will miss the beautiful duck that I got so fond of..

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