Sunday, 9 April 2017


Once again Duke and Penny have been challenged for the Premier nesting site on the river. 

Yesterday 2 new Swans flew in and did their utmost to dislodge Penny from her nest and chase Duke away. For some reason Duke was reluctant to fight the male challenger and was driven down river below the bailey bridge, leaving Penny to stand her ground on top of the nest. Eventually Duke flew back up and landed in the moat avoiding the river and the 2 challengers. 

The stand off lasted all day, and when the tide came in last night there was a battle about 10pm. This morning Duke and Penny were mating in the river close to the island with no sign of the challengers. 

After a quick feed from me, they headed off down to the harbour to check that the challengers were gone.

Duke patrolled the harbour entrance while Penny went around the boats to check they were gone! 

When I left, Penny got back onto the nest to repair and make good, while Duke continued to patrol the river.

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