Sunday, 9 July 2017

Duckling Hydrotherapy

This time last week one of the river ducklings was bitten by an adult and got a badly broken leg. I was reluctant to have it put to sleep and bandaged the leg close to the body - as the break was there and not possible to splint. I gave it some anti inflammatory pain relief every day, along with some calcium powder.The duckling is only 3 weeks old and am hoping that even if it ends up with a gammy leg, that it will compensate and be able to live with the disability.

Having removed the bandage I was keen to see how well it had healed and give it some hydrotherapy at the same time. I was delighted to see that it has partial use of the leg after only 7 days.

Young birds grow rapidly and heal much quicker than other species. It's early days, but I hope through time it will get enough use from the leg that it can safely return to it's siblings in the river.

Otherwise it may end up as a mate for the duck with the broken wing ! Short movie clip below of the hydrotherapy bath this morning.

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