Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Watch Out There's a Vandal About !

Today I found the Swans Island safety sign broken and floating in the river. I would ask everyone in the community to keep an eye out for vandals and anti social behaviour along the riverside. I noticed too that broken bottles on the paths leave dangerous glass splinters that cause injury to dogs. Dogs mess and litter along the river paths is again becoming prevalent with the darker nights - no doubt the same culprits as usual. I know the Citizens of Nairn appreciate the Swans and river wildlife and I would ask you to do the right thing and report any wildlife crime, vandalism and anti social behaviour that you see, the NAIRN POLICE number is 01667 452222. A timely reminder of what can happen to innocent creatures like Swans are on the Scottish SPCA website just now- Like the SSPCA I also support a total ban on the use of airguns in Scotland. With all the computer games and simulated shooting need for dangerous airguns as well !

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