Sunday, 24 March 2013

"Wind From the East - Not Fit for Man or Beast !"

So go's the old saying, but maybe it's an ill wind that might have benefits later. Many of the ducks are back to the lower river for food and appear to have put nesting on hold due to the cold weather. When nesting resumes, there might be more cover and natural food around for the ducklings. The water is icy, and Winter is with us for a while yet, although we have faired much better than most in the UK. 

Yet another pigeon casualty I picked up from my street yesterday, this is the 8th pigeon in the past year, 6 of which have survived so far. This one has either hit a car or window, but does not appear to have any broken bones. However it was bleeding from the mouth, I think it's brain has been scrambled resulting in partial paralysis of it's legs, more so the left side.
It is out of immediate danger, and managed to have a drink this morning. Time will tell if it is going to recover completely.
I also noticed that the light coloured Call duck has disappeared since around the 17th.

 This is a great pity because the 4 call ducks were inseparable and I thought they might manage to nest and give us some young ones. I know there is a chocolate labrador called Dexter that is untrained and in the river trying to catch ducks. I had a word with the owner and told him that the dog MUST be kept on a lead near the river. I don't know if this dog is responsible for ducks that are going missing, but owners MUST keep their dogs under control near wildlife !

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jayteescot1 said...

Jock, She is looking for a site which will be difficult because of her colour. I am anxious to keep her low profile for obvious reasons. I appreciate you keeping an eye on her, and any info you can send me any time. For that reason I won't publish your comment on this occasion. Thanks.