Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Paraplegic Pigeon ?

The Injured pigeon I picked up last Saturday is making good progress, and is now eating drinking and preening itself. I have given it a warm bath and discovered another bruise behind it's neck. It's beginning  to look like it's been the victim of a mid air Sparrowhawk strike, where it has crashed to the ground causing the paralysis of the legs. After consulting Sue our Avian adviser, It appears that the injury is spinal, if the injury is not permanent it could take 3 weeks to regain the use of it's legs. If however it is a permanent injury, then it will never regain the use of it's legs. I have decided to give it my best shot and keep it for at least 3 weeks to see if it recovers.

Warm baths and physiotherapy will be the routine to see if I can get it walking again.

Meanwhile we have 3 Goldeneye making use of the island moat today, a female being courted by 2 males.

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