Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Poorly Pigeon - UPDATE

Pigeon UPDATE. This afternoon the pigeon had a seizure and died, sadly the virus won this one.  

Yet again we have been fortunate with the good weather this week, and the countdown to the clocks going back is drawing closer. I understand a BT engineer was out having a look at the lethal telephone pole with 7 lines coming off in every direction, 

as yet no action has been taken on this issue.

The cygnets are now eating a variety of food, and have been seen flying by many on a regular basis. The longer nights mean this years ducklings look forward to their daily ration of wheat as winter approaches.

However not everything is sweetness and light, and some birds like humans get sick from a variety of illnesses. This is something I never ever gave much thought to in the past. It's only when you notice a bird acting out of character that you realise something is wrong. Last Sunday was one of those times when I spotted a pigeon puffed up, lethargic, not keen to fly. Throwing it a few grains of wheat, it's response was almost uninterested. I knew from those signs it was unwell, and was able to approach and pick it up.

It was underweight and I decided to take it home to check it out. After consultations with our Trust Avian adviser, and Moray coast vets, as well as a pigeon fancier trust member and the internet - it appears the pigeon might have both a bacterial and virus illness. It's chances of survival are possibly about 30%, much will depend on how well it might resist the virus and build up an immunity to it. The bacterial infection is being tackled with medication, thanks to Paul my pigeon friend for telling me to get it re- hydrated immediately with a solution of water, honey, salt and vinegar. The solution is being drunk copiously and I have no doubt this is keeping the bird alive at present. The bacterial medication seems to be starting to work, and I can only hope this is going to be one of the 30% survivors of this virus. I have managed to save several pigeons over the past year but have also lost a few, must keep honing my TLC skills !

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