Monday, 7 October 2013

Cygnet Killed

Tragedy has struck our Swan family this morning after one of our cygnets crashed and died. A local resident reported seeing one cygnet flying up river and circling  to return to the family, it was at this point the cygnet most likely hit a telephone line at the top of Broadhill and crashed into the side of a house.

Earlier I had searched along the beach and harbour area looking for the missing cygnet, but was then told by a resident of Dunbar avenue, that they had found the dead cygnet at the back of their house. 
This is truly sad and of course avoidable, if BT had put bird diverters on their lines. This is another case of human activity being responsible for the tragedy. I have emailed BT asking for bird diverters to be put on the lines so the birds have a chance, these lines right at the highest point of Broadhill are lethal to Swans who will not see them in time to avoid a collision.

This is the most dangerous time for cygnets learning to fly, they have to learn how to use the wind and avoid hazards - assuming they can see them !

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