Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Breakfast For Roland ?

Seems like the usual uneducated few are still doing their own thing when it comes to feeding the wildlife down by the Merryton bridge.

Dumping a load of breakfast cereal onto the ground beside the bridge will only serve to feed Roland the Rat. If this was intended for the ducks then it should have been put in the water, where it might have been eaten. However swans and ducks do not like hard crispy inedible things, so please don't dump your old breakfast cereals into the river. Of course it could have been put there intentionally as a means of causing mischief, which would not surprise me at all.


Anonymous said...

im sorry Joe but i felt i had to comment on this one . whats the diff between people feeding a rat and yourself actively encouraging rats on wings (pigeons)by not only encouraging them on to your hat by placing bird seed in it but also attracting them on to your hand, being born in Nairn many moons ago Joe, i know for a fact there were never pigeons hanging or indeed living under the Merryton bridge until you started feeding them, you constantly go on about members of the public feeding the seagulls but its ok for you to feed the pigeons, which i have seen on many occasions , i would rather have seagulls about than the pigeons who carry untold diseases and cause just as much a nuisance as the seagulls do. just take a look outside Barron house ! would you be kind enough to answer this question Joe ? kind regards Mrs F. Bain Merryton

jayteescot1 said...

Hello Mrs Bain, I put this post on as a result of the previous furore over the rats that were seen there and complained about by some people from Merryton, not by me.
This prompted local politicians to act and call in the rat control man who then poisoned them, something I objected to. You are also the first person to remark to me that pigeons were flying rats, although I've have heard that expression many times when people have been referring to Seagulls.
I have to disagree about the pigeons nesting and living under the Merryton bridge because I started feeding them. Those pigeons have been using the merryton bridge many years before I ever started feeding them, and I know that to be a fact. I suppose it's all down to personal preference regarding what bird species you happen to like. Seagulls spread diseases like Salmonella, they also kill many young ducklings, and of course rats also carry diseases. I have nothing against gulls but would rather people not encourage feeding them and creating a gull colony near the bridge that will decimate the ducklings.
I rather like pigeons, they are friendly and of course they are not predators that eat other bird species. Pigeons do use ledges to nest and roost, and unfortunately Barron House is ideal for that( blame the architect).
I have stopped feeding the pigeons on my hat some months ago, since they occasionally pooped on it.
I hope this answers your questions. Regards Joe.