Thursday, 2 January 2014

Join The Trust !

On the last day of the old year, the River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust has 102 members. The target for 2013 was 100, so we are pleased this has been reached. As Treasurer I have just spent the last few days doing the first years accounts, final figures as follows.
Total income from all sources £1770,  Total expenditure was £2342.13, this means a deficit of £572.13.
The bulk of expenditure was for the purchase of grain and feed, not a penny went to any trustee.
We realise times are hard, but we hope that another 50 people will join this year, in order to maintain the good welfare of the river Waterfowl. £15 is only the cost of a couple of packs of cigarettes, so we don't think this is a lot to pay for the annual upkeep of our beautiful waterbirds. The cost of full family membership all residing at the same address is £20. We appeal to existing members to perhaps recruit a new member if possible.

Caring for the waterfowl and their environment is a good cause, so please join us !


Anonymous said...

Why is it necessary to feed the water birds 365 days a year , I read on the rspb website that the birds should only be fed in harsh winter times , but surely feeding them the amount given here will harm there natural instinct to fend for themselves , you are not going to be around for ever Joe and the young birds must learn to fend for themselves . You do do some Good work on the river Joe by rescuing injured birds but I really think hand feeding the birds on a daily basis like you do does more harm than good , all these birds on our river need to have there natural fear of us humans Joe because not everyone's intentions are good ..

jayteescot1 said...

Anon, I have given an explanation to your questions on many occasions over the years. If you care to look at my comment on the previous post this might answer some of your points.
I am very well aware that my time on this Planet is limited, but I do not fear for the birds being able to feed themselves. They will not hang around the river indefinitely if no one is feeding them, and in all probability will move to where they can survive.
The whole Idea of the Trust is that it will continue long after I am gone. Surely I am not the only person in Nairn who loves the water birds and would like to see them continue to thrive on our river !
I have spent years building up trust with these birds, but their natural fear of humans is alive and well, believe me !