Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nearly COPD It !

Today I was released from Hospital after a severe case of pneumonia in both lungs, frankly at one point I thought I was a goner !

For over 15 years I have suffered from a progressive illness called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ) I have coped well with this as long as I did not fall prey to any chest infections.

However, After numerous blood tests during treatment, it transpired that I am extremely susceptible to the dust and dander of pigeons, leaving me open to a condition known as "pigeon fanciers lung." 
Unfortunately this means I will no longer be able to handle and care for sick pigeons, which is a sad state of affairs for me.

The recent care and handling of pigeons was the trigger for this attack of pneumonia, so any future sick or injured pigeons will now have to go straight to the Scottish SPCA 03000 999 999.

I would like to thank all those well wishers and people of good will for their kind thoughts and wishes.
I was so out of it and unable to get online, hence no updates for a while. I am still pretty weak and likely to take some weeks to fully recover.

The Trust has continued to feed the river birds daily in spite of my absence, and proves the wisdom of setting up the Trust for just such an eventuality ! Friend and fellow Trust member George Stephen has been feeding the birds on my behalf, the trust is grateful to George and we all thank him !

The trust still seeks financial support from the public as well as new members, feel free to donate if you can. Thanks.


Elaine said...

Glad to see you haven't lost SOH "Nearly COPD it"
get well soon!

Brian said...

Sorry to hear about your hospital stay Joe, hope you make a speedy recovery and we'll see you by the river again soon.

jayteescot1 said...

Thanks folks, am just of to bed now to see if I can finally get a good nights sleep !

Sari Grove said...

Joseph & I finally got rid of a lingering pneumonia type thing from last winter...He was worse than I...He tried antibiotics & a bunch of other things...Finally he got rid of it with, Cayenne pepper! He puts about a teaspoon in his soup...It cleaned out his whole lingering lung infection that had become chronic...I put it in my morning coffee or tea...Anyways...Be well...Sorry to hear you've been sick...Sorry as well for the pigeons...Love & hugs, Sari Grove

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Sari, That is very interesting about the cayenne pepper. Frankly right now I am willing to try anything that will restore my breathing enough for me to operate normally.
I have just got new inhalers but my breathing is still poor on any exertion. I think it will take some weeks before I can get around without a stick, as weak as a kitten still !
I am going to miss the close contact with the Pigeons too.

Sorry also to hear of your troubles, stay well wrapped up this winter, and be well. All the best Joe.

Anonymous said...

hi joe,
sorry to hear you were in hospital,
and wish you a speedy recovery at home,i,ll call you soon,and see if you need anything,or taken anywhere by car.take care my good man
bill mckechnie

jayteescot1 said...

Thanks Bill, happened shortly after I last saw you, Apparently caused by the close contact with the pigeons I was caring for !
Still weak and short of breath, but hopefully will improve soon.

Bill said...

So sorry to hear of your travails Joe, but glad you seem to have fought off the pneumonia; it's a pity you will have to avoid direct pigeon contact from now on, but at least the tests which highlighted this requirement may help you to avoid similar problems from now on. I hope your recovery will continue speedily - get well and strong soon.

Kind regards

jayteescot1 said...

Thanks for the kind comment Bill.

I will miss the close contact with the Pigeons, since they are birds I like. The Doctor in Inverness said they had a similar case to mine a couple of years back, when the pigeon racer and breeder was devastated that he would no longer be able to keep Pigeons !

I can understand that !

Brian Turner said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles, Joe, but glad to hear you're coming through. You're as much a part of a the landscape as the swans themselves. :)

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