Sunday, 12 June 2016

Incubator Ducklings Released

After 2 months rearing , the Incubator Ducklings were released today. 

The tides and conditions were right and they are now capable of flight. The white duckling is a male and the other female white one I have kept meanwhile.

They joined up with the previous lot released 2 weeks ago and after a few tussles they settled down together.

Hopefully most of them will survive and help produce future generations on the river.


Anonymous said...

Well done for getting them to this stage because hand rearing ducklings is not an easy matter.

jayteescot1 said...

Thank you, It is pretty intensive when dealing with 42 ducklings and 3 Mothers. It's very messy, time consuming and costs a bit too. I have tried not to be too attached, and have minimal contact in order that they don't imprint on me - this is for their own good. Sorry to say that the white one already appears to be missing after only one night !