Sunday, 5 June 2016

Teaching And Learning

From day one the cygnets are learning all the skills of survival, coached by Popeye and Penny who also learn which ones are the strongest.

At just over 3 weeks old they are nearly the size of Mallard ducks and rapidly growing.

Today Popeye and Penny flew away some 60 yards and left the cygnets to themselves.

This has always been part of the learning curve, and allows Penny to determine which ones are the strongest and how well they act as a family group.

The cygnets bunch together and head towards Mum and Dad, and Penny heads back towards them - 

the reunion is heralded by head nodding and greetings.


TwistedClassicsNaturePhotography said...

Great to see the cygnets growing. I love swans and cygnets.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating pictures; it's like she's teaching them that their strength is in sticking close to each other in the event that the parents have to defend the territory.