Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lost Duckling - Found

As always when doing my river rounds, I'm always on the lookout for newly hatched life. Today on the Swans Island among the 50 or so ducks and swans I spotted a lone duckling desperately seeking it's mother.
It was following every duck in sight only to be chased away or pecked and eventually retreating onto the island. The tide was in and I couldn't get over to effect a rescue, so I waited an hour until the tide receded.

As luck would have it I then spotted the Mother and 6 other ducklings at the other side of the river and was determined to get them reunited. When the island was accessible I managed to get over and catch the duckling. After another half hour the mother returned towards the island and I let the little one go near enough to spot Mum, she also spotted the wee one and they were all happily reunited.

This is the first brood Iv'e seen since April that has not as yet been taken by the Crows, with the Crows and Gulls feeding their young she will have a hard time trying to keep them !    

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