Sunday, 26 June 2016

Twelve In - Eight Out

Today the Trust put the 12  Riverpark Brood back into the river. Two were held back, a female for the white duck as company, and possible mate for next season. The other one is also a female but a mini size and not yet fully developed. It would not survive in it's current condition, if put into the river environment. 
It is only half the size of all the other siblings, and makes me think that the father who is the only small male call duck we have on the river.

The trust rescued another 8 ducklings two days ago, after the Mother was pounced on by the drakes and forced to flee.
She also has an injured leg, and the best option was to save the ducklings before the circling Crows took them. 
This makes a total of 50 ducklings rescued by the trust so far this season .

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