Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Duke Taken To Vet

Arrangements were made to get Duke to the Vet this morning where I met Simon and Jamie, Scottish SPCA rescue officers at the Swans Island. 

Duke was sitting high and dry on the grass and was easily caught and bagged. I was relieved he was not in the river, since this can be a real nightmare trying to catch them. 

Simon and Jamie  took him to Inverness where he will be assessed and put on a drip, then it will be decided whether he goes down to the SPCA wildlife rescue centre at Fishcross or not.

My thanks to Simon and Jamie for the quick and professional job today.

Penny watched the operation from the moat and saw him taken away. 

She came over for her usual feed afterwards, hopefully she will not be too stressed at his absence, and we'll get him back soon. I would ask all our members to be vigilant for our wildlife, in view of the recent publicity attacks on the Trust in recent weeks.

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