Monday, 9 January 2017

Riverpark Runt Makes Good

Regular viewers will remember that the Trust cared for a brood of 13 ducklings rescued last summer from Riverpark. All of these were healthy except for the Runt of the brood which was half the size and way behind the others in development. 

When the time came for release I could not release the runt since it's wings had still not developed and it was still only half the size of it's siblings.

                          I decided to keep it to see if it would survive and mature. After another couple of months it developed into what I would consider a bantam sized duck with legs that are shorter than normal, otherwise it seems healthy and mature. I then had to consider getting it a suitable mate for company, and with the possibility of them having a brood this coming spring.

                           I am pleased to report that It now has a suitable mate and they are getting on famously, what a great success if they have a brood and can all go back to the river later this year ! Short clip below of her and new mate head bobbing !

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