Sunday, 23 May 2010

Remedial Work and New Ducks.

Taking advantage of the glorious weather, I took a spade and wellies down to the Swans Island and did a bit of remedial work. The low river conditions means that the moat water level is so low that the cygnets have a job trying to get out of the water onto the bank. I cut some sods and placed them at the likely spots used by the swans, also filling some holes on the pathway to the nest. I finished off by cutting out some giant hog weed that sprouted on the island - river is getting infested with the stuff !

I noticed a new brood of 13 ducklings arrived yesterday, and have headed to the island to join the 3 other broods there.

The new brood I think are missing one duckling which seemed to have got lost in harbour street ! Someone gave me the duckling yesterday, but I could not reunite it with the brood because they had gone to the opposite side of the island and the tide was in. I had no choice but to take it home and settle it into a brooding box. I will either try and get it back to the brood, or keep it for 6 weeks or so until it is able to safely fend for itself.

The duck population is better this year, so far we have 35 surviving but these will not be fully safe for another 3weeks.

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