Friday, 5 November 2010

Steven Nearly Gets a Hawking

What a surprise this morning when I returned from the river to find Steven the gull standing on one side of the garden and a sparrowhawk standing at the other, both staring at each other !
I tried to get the camera out quickly but the hawk flew off. Incredibly later in the afternoon I looked out the living room window to see the hawk flying around inside my aviary ! The door was wide open but it couldn't find the way out. This time I managed to get a couple of pics through the window, one blurred of course but the other when it was clinging to the mesh - what talons it has ! It managed to get out when I went out to take some pics of course. It has killed 2 sparrows in the past week, so I think I'll have to stop filling the feeders for a few days in the hope that it moves on ! I hope Steven is a little too big for the hawk, It was in the aviary shortly after Steven had his bath in the video below !

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