Saturday, 21 July 2012


After a good feed of carrots, grass and wheat, the family had a bathing and preening session afterwards. Penny's new flight feathers are coming on nicely and should be fully functional in a couple of weeks.


grovecanada said... I met a lady down at Lake Ontario where I was looking for the Mute Swan couple who live down is her website...It is about how Americans are hurting Mute Swans in America & how Canadians are copying...
It is very mean...Maybe the britihs or the Scottish government could have a talk with our Canadian government here & tell them that Mute swans are protected by the Royal family of England & that it is not internationally legal to hunt them...Could you tell your gov't to reprimand our gov't please? Thanks, Sari

grovecanada said... Oh Joe(Can I say "Joe"), this is my friend Ann Brokelman who is the Toronto Arts & Cultural Advisor...This is one of her blogs with her all Nature Photography...She is a good person...Very long camera lenses- that is how we met...(I said don't point that thing at the Trumpeter swans while they are eating- & she didn't!- love it when people are nice...) Sari

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Sari, I love your friend Ann's website, Have included it on my blog list I hope she doesn't mind. I understand your feelings about the destruction of the mute swans in North America. I seem to recall reading a bit about how they are interfering with some of your native species, such as the trumpeter swans.
There is no doubt that Mute swans are highly territorial, and can be very aggressive to any species that encroaches onto their patch! I do not have enough knowledge or data on the North American numbers or species to make any personal judgement on that part of the world. I do know however that any introduction of non native species into another environment or eco system can result in very adverse and damaging effects. For instance in this country the American mink and grey squirrel are causing the loss of native species like water voles and our indigenous red squirrel ! Programs are afoot to try and save our red squirrel because they are being wiped out by the American grey.
Can I suggest you contact the RSPB who do operate on a global scale and will obviously have some input into the North American Mute swan situation. If your trumpeter Swans existence are threatened by the mute swans domination, I can understand steps being taken in some circumstances to control the expansion of the mute swans.