Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Late 8

Today I noticed a new brood of 8 ducklings, this is the latest hatched brood I have ever seen on the river. The weather this year has been so unusual, with many of the early broods being wiped out by cold conditions and predators. Hopefully some of these will survive because the crows are no longer feeding their young, but some seagulls are still feeding theirs however! I just hope people do not start throwing bread and bringing down the gulls to take them all !! The ducklings have plenty of insects and seeds to feed on, so please don't throw bread at them !


Elaine said...

Heh, that's amazing Joe! Haven't seen them yet but how great!

jayteescot1 said...

Yeah It's amazing for the time of year. She came up to the bridge tonight, but only 7 now. Hope she doesn't lose them all !