Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ducklings and Rat update !

Today saw a thaw, and the ducklings enjoying their new two tier swimming pool ( short video below). High tides and huge north sea Swell swept up river swamping both banks along the tidal reaches. 

No doubt many river rats got washed out, which maybe includes the poisoned dead ones near Merryton bridge. I had an update from Alan bentley on the ratcatchers efforts over the "hoards of rats" fiasco in recent weeks. Enclosed content of Mr Bentley's email which I have forwarded to  Liz, Cllr Macaulay,  and others.

Hi Joe
David checked on things yesterday. He reports that there was little evidence of any recent disturbance by rats or uptake of bait, so it looks like this treatment has been successful. Unless something crops up to alter things, David anticipates that he will make a final sign off treatment check next week.

I have contacted Scottish Water regarding the pipe next to the bridge as to what it is, who is responsible, and can it be blocked or sealed off. Will keep you posted.

Alan Bentley Principal Waste Management Officer, Highland Council, TEC Services, Ross House,
High Street, Dingwall

There is now no need to remove the dense undergrowth near the bridge which is vital to local birdlife !

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