Monday, 14 January 2013

Harbour Haven Duckling Deaths

Sadly 2 of the rescued ducklings that I released have been killed in the harbour yesterday. With this weeks high spring tides I saw 5 of the ducklings up at the Merryton bridge, and thought maybe they had just been separated after leaving the harbour. This has been my main fear after their release, that they would fall victim to predators before they got river wise to the dangers. 

I released them before the spring tides so that they would gain a weeks experience before the high tides during the night. The harbour can be a safe place, but also a death trap if used by the Otters, Mink or Seals for hunting. 

The good news is that the other 5 are now close to their Mum, and Sari and Joe are still alive !

 If they can survive the next 5 days tides, they should be pretty well integrated with all the other ducks and aware of all the dangers.

I hope our new 
Trust members have now received your membership cards posted recently.

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