Monday, 11 February 2013

High Tide - High Hopes

Yesterday 2 young Swans looking for a nesting site tried their chances, by landing in the river near the island. Popeye and Penny  wasted no time in escorting them out to Sea, it was instant Battle stations mode !

Today two new Goldeneye males arrived, no doubt following the female that showed up recently.


Bill said...

Congratulations Joe for the article in today's Inverness Courier, excellent.

Hopefully it'll bring some more members to your Trust and highlight the vital work that you carry out for our wildlife on the river

jayteescot1 said...

Unfortunately the Courier made several errors and failed to mention the main purpose of the Trust, which is to protect the wildlife their habitat and environment. They also put their own controversial slant on the piece, and failed to point out the wildlife photo competition to encourage youngsters to appreciate the wildlife. They said it will be mentioned in their Friday edition.